Cascade and NOCSAE Find Solutions for R Decertification

As of this morning (Friday) Cascade has announced they’ve come to an agreement with NOCSAE on how to fix their R model helmets.

In simple terms, Cascade will manufacture new helmets as Cascade R-M, but the helmets will still say ‘R’. For all those people in the world who already own the helmets, I hope you registered them online as has been stated numerous times over the past few weeks.

Register your helmet at

This will enable Cascade to know your helmet needs modifying, and all alterations will take place in their headquarters (Liverpool, NY) starting December 16th. Any shipping and modification costs will be paid for by Cascade.

Sources report that Cascade will be working closely with NOCSAE and third party auditors to test all helmet models currently manufactured by Cascade and ensure all quality processes are being fulfilled.

Cascade is almost finished with their own internal audit, and third party auditors are estimated to complete their tests by December 18th or so.