CILL: Weekend in Pittsburgh

The Continental Indoor Lacrosse League takes to Pittsburgh this weekend. The 5-1 Chicago Outlaws have two contests where they will face their rival Cleveland Demons and the Pittsburgh Octane, both 1-1 on the year.

This week we learned that Colorado had left the league and also that Columbus will not play this week. “You never know what to expect when you are traveling,” said head coach AJ Collier on the Outlaws website. “In this league teams have much different teams at home than they do on the road.  We saw Pitt play in Grand Rapids in early August, but we are preparing for a much different, more physical team.”

Other games include Cleveland facing Detroit and tomorrow, Detroit faces Pittsburgh.

Chicago and Grand Rapids have 5-1 records so the Outlaws have a chance to jump two games ahead of them with wins. Pittsburgh and Cleveland are 1-1 so they will have a chance to get some separation in the standings.

Detroit, at 0-2, have two cracks at getting to .500 and they could leap into fifth place behind one of Cleveland or Pittsburgh if they win both those games and a chance to move into fourth if they win both games and the Demons and Octane lose to Chicago.