Concerns with the Blue Hens

As last season came to a halt, so did the conclusion of the Hens season. Their season ended with a 3 game losing skid. Grant Kaleikau had an amazing season. He finished the season ranked 18th in total offense value. His Achilles heel was the lack of protecting the ball.He had over 33 turnovers. How do you even expect to win games with that amount of turnovers?

The Blue Hens expect a lot out of Grant, because they really do not have an outstanding offensive set up plays.

One of the reasons that this team is losing games, they are not playing good man down possessions.They ranked 53th in the nation.Only stopping 53.23 percentage in man down possessions. Can you say discipline? The Blue Hens need help in every field of play. Last year their season record was 6-9 and 1-5 in conference play. The lack of scoring and stopping opponents,hurt their season. This season, they need to get more players that have experience as a scorer.

This will help out, because now they will have a threat that other school did not see last year. They need to go back to the drawing board and create more opportunities to give their team a chance to win games. If they can clear up their defensive struggles, then it is possible to shock and win over their school.