ELL Championship: Wolves Take On Deutschland

Earlier today the Wolves and Deutschland Adler won their semi final games to advance to the championship where the two top seeds in the league will now battle for the ELL crown.Deutschland defeated the last seeded Custodes today 13-7. They were led by three goals from Jamie Plunkett and two from Brian Tyacke. They gave up four goals to Dominik Pesek but held the league’s top scorer Radek Skala in check with just two goals, showing an impressive defense.

Tomas Cekel made 23 saves in the win for Adler as they were able to get past the Custodes goalie duo of Patrick Crosby and Dominik Sika. Meanwhile, the Wolves defeated Pietro Filipi 11-9 to advance as well. The Wolves were the regular season champs and just squeaked by Filipi to advance and play for the championship.

The championship game will take place at 1pm today which is 7pm in Czech time. You can watch the game live at net-tv.cz, and watch all of the action from earlier today on demand.