ELL Prepares for Week Two

The second tournament of the European Lacrosse League kicks off tomorrow as the last place Wolves take on Pietro Fillipi.

Game one of the tournament will see the Wolves and leading scorer Jiří Loskot take on Pietro Fillipi and 14 point scorer Sean Gibson. “We can do very well I think and should challenge the top two,” Gibson told us. “We have a lot of experience and with a lot of guys to play yet… coming together as a team will be the challenge but, we have a smart coach and I think the rest of the team will build on the momentum of six of their teammates doing well.”

Joe Darkins and Alan Keeley will be joining Pietro Fillipi after winning the European Champions Cup, according to the ELL website. The second game will see the tournament winner Custodes in their home town facing Duetschland Adler. Pavel Dosley, a former NLL player, leads the Custodes and the league in scoring along with their top goaltender Dominik Sika.

Game three of the tournament see Duetschland Adler play Pietro Fillipi. “The one negative I would take from the weekend is that of a 100 players on four teams most teams we very seriously undermanned.” Gibson told of us the last tournament. “My team Pietro Filipi was the hardest hit with the most multinational roster having only 5 runners and a goalie for the weekend. I think the draft being so close tot the opening weekend probably was a huge factor in the low overall turnout. But, like I said this didn’t distract from a great weekend in Berlin.”

The last game will see the Wolves battle the Custodes. Custodes star Radek Skala will battle with Wolves goaltender Jakub Mares. On Sunday things kick off with the Wolves facing Adler and then later on the Custodes playing Pietro Fillipi.

“Since I started my role with the ELF I think there is definitely more communication and people are more aware of the sport.” Gibson told us of the ELL’s impact. “New nations have expressed interest like Italy, Netherlands, Sweden, and Poland. Add to that the start of an ELF indoor lacrosse Refereeing Program , things are taking shape. But there is a lot of work to do. I am excited in the early days and am encouraged with everything so far.”

You can follow along with the games live here: http://www.net-tv.cz/