England Looks Solid in Goalie Deep Draft

The 2013 NLL draft might be the deepest for goaltenders in years and one name that is being overlooked is Spencer England.

Dillon Ward is the only goalie projected to go in the first round but overall there are several decent goalies in the draft, unlike previous years. England has gone overlooked because of this, but our Jr A BCJALL scout says this about England;

“No goalie improved more over the last 3  years in he BCJALL. Spencer emerged this year as a legitimate starter. Winning big games with his calm confidence. The big save was there when it was needed most.Ball control and communication are what sets Spencer apart from most other JrA goalies ‎. Spencer does not throw out errant passes. This is vital for game management to either protect a lead or reduce a deficit. Communication to his defense is Spencers strongest asset. Having a set of trusted eyes with the vision to determine offensive schemes allows a defense to exert pressure where necessary.”

England spoke with us about the draft, and when we asked what his best skill was he said “I think I bring my ability to communicate with my teammates and being able to stay calm and not get down on myself after a few goals.”

Our scout continued his analysis, saying “Spencer was the hardest working member of the Langley JrA Thunder in 2013. 1st on the floor and last off. This will bode well for Spencer as goaltending is a position where athletes continues to evolve until their late 20′s.  The willingness to practice and educate oneself separate the great from the good goaltenders.”

England told us that he models himself off of Mann Cup winning goalie Brandon Miller, and again emphasizes his communication skills. ” There are a lot of great goalies in this years draft, but I think my ability to communicate is what separates me from the other goalies. I also like to be active outside of my crease and I am confident handling the ball.”

At 6’1, 165lbs and out of New Westminster, England might be a solid pick for a western conference team looking to develop a goaltender.