Gear: Brine Releases King V Gloves and Clutch Arm Pads

If you’re ready to step up your game and need gloves, the newest editions of the King series will help you out. If you need arm pads, not so much.


brine King Vs

Let’s just get the obvious out of the way: they look cool. However, what I like about that is this time around, every “aesthetic feature” has a protective purpose.

They already come broken in. You could legitimately grab a pair the afternoon of your night practice, and you’d be OK. The fingers move well but also have great protection. You’ll be set unless someone comes down axing your hand as a tree trunk. The mobility will give you better stick control and accuracy.

The thumbs almost look like they are goalie gloves, but they have great mobility. Even if someone comes chopping down on you, your thumbs should be safe.

Kings have always been known for their ventilation. The palms are light and thin enough to give you covering without taking away from ball control and ventilation. The band hands have a great big mesh opening for better airing, while it’s covered with a plastic plate. Altogether, the elevated plate protects your hand better than tradition on-glove padding.

The wrist flaps protect well but could be a little longer in my opinion.

brine clutch arms

The arm pads are really more for midfielders and defensemen. Attack won’t get great protection out of them, but they’re mobile and thin and have great elbow protection if you’re not constantly being wacked at.

Overall Rating: A on Gloves, B+ on Pads