George Daniel Wants NLL to Expand

On the NLL coaches and media call yesterday commissioner George Daniel joined and spoke to the media for about 15 minutes. In that time he made it very clear that the NLL wants to expand, especially in Canada and the east coast.

He mentioned by name Winnipeg, New England, New York and Pittsburgh along with “any major Canadian city”. He also mentioned they still are interested in British Columbia and Montreal.

“We certainly want to expand.” said Daniel. “Our pre season games we have done have created dialogue in those markets. We need more cities and exposure to get the attention towards our sport.”

The NLL has been in New York, Boston and Pittsburgh twice now in the league history. They also had teams in Montreal and Vancouver at different points in time.

“We do feel we need to expand.” Daniel says. “We need more teams in Canada to reach critical mass”

The NLL season kicks off tomorrow in Washington as they take on the Champion Knighthawks.

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