Georgetown 2013: The “New” Blue-Collar Hoyas

With the retirement of Dave Urick earlier this summer, Georgetown is gearing up for a new age of lacrosse. Urick had led Georgetown to eleven NCAA appearances in his 23 years with the Hoyas program. Georgetown has been the “almost but not quite” team in the NCAA with six consecutive quarter final losses from 2002-2007, and more recently the team with complete absence from any post-season run. It has been five years since the Hoyas men have seen post-season play, and with a new coach on board, he is sure to rekindle the determination and drive the team once possessed.

Coming from top-ranked program Maryland, Kevin Warne will (hopefully) snap the post-season woes and lead Georgetown to and through playoffs in the 2013 season. Missing a seed in the inaugural Big East tournament last year was detrimental to the Hoyas’ potential “rebirth” into the post-season they had known so well in years past. Returning a senior heavy starting roster, Warne is promising a tough and passionate team that will have a favorable start in the coming season.

Despite yet another abrupt ending to another Hoyas season, Georgetown has started their newest journey with a fall friendly again Keio University, a top tier collegiate program in Japan. The thirteen freshmen on the Hoyas roster were given ample exposure and an opportunity to prove their talents to the team. Warne has been pleased with the team’s ability to learn more about one another as well as discovering the strengths and chemistry the team already possesses. The greatest aspect about off-season play is discovering the weaknesses and finding a way to overcome the obstacles.

Earlier in the month, Georgetown joined other Division I men and women’s teams in the Play for Parkinson’s tournament. The Hoyas were scheduled to play Princeton and USAF. Though Warne’s time with the team has been short, spectators have commented on the progress he has made, showing a more structured and organized Hoyas offense. Although two games are not a perfect foreshadowing for the coming season, Georgetown is proving that they will be a more prepared team for 2013 and possess an unparalleled work ethic among other NCAA teams.