Tarheels Look to Contend in ACC

The Tarheels are going to play their final Fall Ball game against Ohio State Sunday. The history that unites this team are as followed; in 1981 -1982 they were undefeated and won the championship. In 1983, the Tarheels was 9-4 and was beaten by the school John Hopkins. In the 20th century,the 2000 and 2001, lacrosse organization had fallen from their once superior days.

The 2001 Lacrosse team record that year was the lowest it had been in years. The record was a shocking  (6-6) and (1-2) in the ACC. That years their ranked was 16th in the nation. With truth settling in with the Tarheels locker room about Nicky Galasso and his request to leave the school, they need to find that scorer that can feel up his shoes.

Last season their were 11-6 and 1-2 in the ACC. They were so close, but were defeated by Duke in the ACC Championship. With an injured Michael Tagliafera (a member of the Gold medal winnings) who is having  shoulder surgery. He will miss the remainder of the UNC Fall ball schedule. Questions have been asked, will the injuries and the lost of a scorer be the achilles heel to their season? This is one of biggest concerns that the Tarheels face when entering their season opener in a couple of weeks. We shall see, this should be an exciting start to a organization that is known to be the best.