Happy Thanksgiving… Lacrosse Style

As we celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday with our family (Canada October 14), we will sit around the table, watch some football; enjoy some turkey, stuffing, etc.

Thanksgiving is about giving THANKS.  So as we are thirty days from the start of the NLL season, I asked my lacrosse family and friends;

What are you thankful for?

Eric Garnett.  I’m thankful I can still go to Wings games when so many other cities have lost their teams in the same time frame I’ve been going to games.

Dan Stowe.   I’m thankful for being a part of growing the game (and my group of friends) every year.

Dan “Canadan” Jackman.   I’m thankful for playing in EVERY Fann Cup……one of three originals.

Patsy Douglas DeVuono   I am thankful for the thrill and excitement of the game. I am thankful to be able to watch my son learn the skills and enjoy playing. I am thankful for the sportsmanship and the sense of teamwork it instills in him and his friends. I am thankful for all those who coach for their patience, their instruction, and their dedication to our youth.

Kelly Citrone.  Thankful for the family she has in section 124 at the Wings Games.

Bill Criss.  Thankful to be still involved with the sport he loves, even though his playing days are over.  Bill can be heard on www.marylandsportsinsider.com

Tom Hoffman.  Thankful to still have the Wings games to go to.

Frank Bonner.   Thankful for the support of his family while he plays the game.

Roger Cairns.  Thankful for Fann Cup, and the opportunity to play the game with his 15 yr old son.


Finally, I am thankful for a few things:

My wife Jackie.  Most wives are football widows; well she is a lacrosse widow at times.  I am very thankful for her having the patience with me through lacrosse season.  Thirteen years ago I took her to her first lacrosse game and she fell in love with it.  I’m also thankful for the support she gives me when I play the game.  Without her love and support it would be difficult to do.  I Love You.

My lacrosse family and friends. Especially my Rochester family.  I have made many over the twenty-eight years of the indoor game, as well as the last eight years playing the game in our annual Fann Cup Charity Lacrosse Tournament.

Thankful for Marisa Ingemi, (CEO of www.InLacrosseWeTrust.com ).  Three years ago she gave me the chance to help out on the site to write and talk about the sport I love.


And last but not least, All the players past and present that I have watched over the twenty-eight years.  You play for the love of the game and not the almighty dollar.  When the games are over, you spend time with the fans signing autographs, taking pictures, or just a casual conversation.  During the leagues existence, many of us have developed friendships with the players that will last for an eternity.  For this I say Thank You


So from my family and the staff at In Lacrosse We Trust I like to wish everyone a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!