Have the Swarm Already Won the Cosmo Trade?

Last season, Minnesota Swarm goaltender Anthony Cosmo was traded to the Buffalo Bandits. Both teams made the playoffs but lost in the first round.

Cosmo struggled at times with the Bandits, while the Swarm brought in two rookies, Tyler Carlson and Evan Kirk, who helped lead the Swarm to a surprisingly good season.

The Bandits gave up two first round draft picks to get Cosmo, who will be their goaltender this season with Mike Thompson retiring from the NLL.

The Swarm have the second overall pick because of this deal, where they will more than likely end up with defender Brock Sorensen, who they have been targeting since before the season. They also have the third and fourth overall picks.

The other draft pick comes from the 2014 draft, and it’s yet to be determined how high of a pick that will be. Cosmo could still be a great goaltender in Buffalo, but it’s hard to say Minnesota lost this trade in any way. They have two stud goaltenders already, and now they have two first round picks in the next two years.


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