Holiday Explosion: Hottest Gear of the Season

It’s that double-time of year: holidays and manufacturers releasing new season’s gear. As someone who also works retail for LaxWorld Colorado, here’s my inside scoop to holiday purchases of lacrosse gear.

Let’s start with the most controversial at the moment. STX just partnered with Shutt to create their first lacrosse helmet incorporating football padding and design. within two days of those helmets hitting retail shelves, it was announced Cascade R and Warrior Regulator are not to standard.

After speaking with many people on this, I truly believe it’s a poor marketing ploy by STX to undermine the competition based solely on technicalities. This issue should be resolved within the next month, and very much in time for the 2015 spring season.

Time of purchase: Between Christmas and New Year’s Eve.
Price Range Currently: $200 (Regulator) to $250 (STX Stallion, Cascade R)
Holiday discounts to anticipate: 20-25% off in retail stores and on websites

These are beginning to hit shelves already and coming fast. There’s already the new Maverick M3’s and UnderArmour Charge. Both are fantastic defensive pads, as are the ones previously released by Brine.

Therefore, anticipate STX, Warrior, and Brine to release more pads geared towards midfield/attack.

Time of purchase: Week before Christmas
Price Range Currently: $75-$180
Holiday discounts to anticipate: 10-15% off in retail stores

More and more manufacturers are releasing new arm pads. Warrior just released the burn series, and UnderArmour has a new set out I thoroughly enjoyed trying on.

These will released consistently over the next month, and come at varying prices.

Time of purchase: Around New Year’s
Price Range Currently: varying
Holiday discounts to expect: 10-15% off

Brine just distributed their new King V’s.
Warrior released their Burns and Burn Pros.
Maverick has new M3’s out that are quite lovely, if I do say so.
Word in the alley is MD5’s are on their way as well as new Nikes.

Time of purchase: Christmas
Price Range Currently: $80-$200
Holiday discounts to anticipate: maybe 10 or 15%

There were numerous new shafts recently released, all of which were mostly on sales for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. There’s way too many to name and unfortunately the discount times have passed.

New shafts are price ranging from $60-200

Same as shafts, a number were released earlier in the fall to accomodate Black Friday sales. They are currently ranging $50-$180 at retail stores