Lacrosse Safety Equipment

When you are playing lacrosse, it is important to wear the appropriate safety gear. In order to make sure you have the right equipment, you need to determine which position you will be playing, as well as your skillset. There are many different types of lacrosse equipment, however here are the basics that will keep you safe and comfortable.

The helmet is the most important piece of lacrosse equipment. It is a good idea to have a look online for the best helmets around, which you can do while you are waiting to Skype with a friend or after you have finished a game of partypoker. Helmets are made from hard plastic to keep the head secure and come with an attached mask to protect the face. These should also be comfortable to wear and fit securely so that they provide the optimum amount of protection.

Also important to the game of lacrosse are arm, elbow and shoulder pads. These will protect the player from collision and being hit by the ball. They should also be light and comfortable, so that the player can move around easily and remain cool while playing. Players should also wear gloves, with particularly heavy padding on the tops of the fingers, around the wrist and on the backhand. They will help improve the grip, with mesh or synthetic materials on the hands, as well as allowing the skin to breathe. Arm and elbow guards should also be worn and rib pads are an optional extra.

Even more equipment is necessary for a lacrosse goalie, as they are in the line of fire much more often. This includes body pads, which provide extra protection and are also very breathable, as well as specific goalie gloves that have added protection on the thumb.