NLL League Leaders: Snider Close to 200 FO Wins

After being out a month and a half, Adam Jones has slipped out of the top five for goals.

Garrett Billings remains at the top, having jumped up to 82 points with another 12 this week. Cody Jamieson has taken over the number two spot with 71, earning 17 points in a pair of games over the weekend. John Grant Jr. remains third; he garnered six points to bring his total to 69.

Despite only scoring one goal this week, Dane Dobbie holds the lead in goals with 31. Stephan LeBlanc also only scored one goal, but continues to hold down the second spot with 30. Cody Jamieson and John Grant Jr. share the third spot with 28 goals having knocked the injured Adam Jones out. Jamieson picked up five goals this weekend while Grant Jr. had four.

Garrett Billings added six assists to his first place spot to give him 56. Shawn Evans is right behind him at 55; Evans had one assist this week. Slightly further behind him is Dan Dawson. Dawson had nine assists over the weekend to bring his total to 50.

Bob Snider did not quite break 200 faceoff wins this week; he won 14 to bring his league lead to 199. Brother Geoff is just behind him at 196; he picked up 10 wins this weekend. Jay Thorimbert remains in third; he won 10 faceoffs Saturday to bring his total to 149. Andrew Suitor played a penalty free game on Sunday, but still leads the league with 48 penalty minutes.

Former teammate, Dan Ball is behind him with 44, also having played a clean game Saturday in Buffalo. Matt Beers takes the third slot with 37 and also had no penalties this weekend.

There are no set leaders for power play goals this week. Leading the league with nine, we have John Grant Jr., Colin Doyle, and Jeff Shattler. Grant Jr. had three power play goals on Saturday, Doyle had one in Minnesota, and Shattler also picked up one Friday night. The second slot is a tie between Jordan Hall and Dane Dobbie with eight. Hall picked up one this weekend while Dobbie remained at eight. Seven power play goals puts you in the third slot and that is a tie between Logan Schuss and Kasey Biernes. Biernes picked up a power play goal in Minnesota while Schuss stayed where he was.

John Grant Jr. holds the sole lead in shots on goal. He added 18 in Buffalo to bring his total to 141. Tied for the second slot are Toronto Rock players, Stephen LeBlanc and Garrett Billings with 122. LeBlanc had 18 shots in two games while Billings had 14. A second tie exists for the third slot, and 104 will get you there as it did for Kevin Crowley and Dane Dobbie. Crowley added 10 shots on Sunday while Dobbie had eight on Friday.

Aaron Bold, once again, has sole possession of the top spot for wins with nine. Behind him, Anthony Cosmo and Matt Vinc share the second slot with eight. Cosmo won on Saturday against the Mammoth; Vinc was pulled Saturday in Toronto but picked up the win Sunday in Philly. Aaron Bold leads in goals against average, going from 8.25 to 8.19.   Matt Vinc is down to 8.92. Anthony Cosmo has improved to 9.96 from 10.21. Nick Rose took over the top spot in saves; he added 83 to jump up to 447. Behind him is Anthony Cosmo with 428. He made 45 saves Saturday. Matt Vinc is now third with 407, making 48 saves over the weekend.