Mammoth Add Star Faceoff Man with Snider

A few weeks ago the Colorado Mammoth traded for stud faceoff man Bob Snider from the Vancouver Stealth. We caught up with him about his move to the Rockies.“I am very excited to be joining the Colorado Mammoth for the 2014 year.” said Snider. “Being traded was a bit of a shock, however I am moving from one great organization to another and thrilled and anxious to get the season underway.”

Snider has been a top faceoff man in the league for many years. He and his brother Geoff of the Calgary Roughnecks are arguably the two best currently in the National Lacrosse League.

Bob was second in faceoffs won last season right behind his brother. The Stealth traded for Ilija Gajic to replace him, who was eighth in the league for the Mammoth. “Again, very excited to be part of the Colorado organization.  Being able to play in front of Mammoth fans in Denver is going to be fantastic and I can’t wait for this next chapter to begin.  Colorado has a fantastic team and fan base and it will be an unbelievable experience to play there.”

The 6’0 205 faceoff man has won more faceoffs than he hasn’t in every year he has been in the league. Last season he was at 61%, but the year before that he was over 73%.

This season marks the return of professional lacrosse to Vancouver, but Snider says that he doesn’t regret he will miss it. “Playing for the Stealth was fantastic.  Denise Watkins, Doug Locker and the rest of the ownership run an outstanding organization.  I owe a lot to the Stealth for giving me the opportunity to build a name and career for myself.  I will miss playing alongside the guys, but looking forward to gaining new teammates and friends on the Mammoth.

“It would have been exciting, however I am excited to play in front of Mammoth fans this season”