Meet a NALL Player: Vince Talbot

Name: Vincent Talbot

Height: 6’2

Team: Boston Rockhoppers

Pro Teams You Have Played For: Boston Rockhoppers, Vermont Voyageurs

Favorite Lacrosse Memory: My junior career playing on native reserves and learning about the great traditions of this game.

Favorite Pro Player/Player You Base Your Game Off Of: I think for any box lacrosse goalie out there guys like Matt Vinc, Brandon Miller, Bob Watson, etc. are goalies that we look at because they are so incredibly talented. My favorite overall athlete and personal inspiration though is Rodger Federer. You have to be an unbelievable athlete to play professional tennis and to own so many record in a time when the top 25 of the ATP is the strongest we’ve ever seen. He’s is a great example of how an athlete should work on and off the field. I also like the fact that you cannot just wait with a lead in tennis, you have to finish the game and earn the win.

Biggest Strength as a Player: As an athlete my overall physical shape and as a goalie my ability to stay focus and calm during a game.

Toughest shooter you have faced: Josh Sanderson

Talbot’s thoughts

I am from Sherbrooke, Québec where I go to school as a master student. I currently work for the Université de Sherbrooke as a researcher. I’ve been playing lacrosse since I was 14 or so and always as a goalie. I’m a nerd and I fully accept it.