Meet an NLL Prospect: Tyler Glebe

Only one goalie was taken in the entire 2012 NLL draft, and that was former London Blue Devils goaltender Tyler Glebe. I caught up with him this week and got his thoughts on being a pro goalie.

1. Only 56 players are drafted to the NLL, what does it feel like being one of them?

Being drafted into the NLL this year is truly a dream come true. It is an absolute honor to be put in the class of “56” and certainly a feeling of personal accomplishment.

2. Before 2012, last season, Toronto had just Bob Watson as the only goalie in their history. Last season they used Matt Roik and Nick Rose, with varying success. What do you think the challenges of playing that position in that environment will be?

Some challenges include adjusting to the speed of the game and also the bigger nets. With the environment of the Rock and past goalies that have played for the Rock, it will be nerve racking as the shoes to fill there are big, But, if I train hard and take in all the information I can about being a professional goaltender in the NLL, I truly believe anything is possible.

3. What was your career like in Junior B, and how do you think it will compare to the play of the NLL?

My Junior B career has been educational, rewarding and memorable. Having played for a few different teams l have met a lot of great coaches, players and fans of the game. Traveling to and from Oakville, Sarnia, New Market and London for home games was a little bit of a task at times, but when I joined these teams l was well received, felt very comfortable and settled in quickly.

Last year was certainly the most rewarding in my career so far. When arriving the previous year in London half way through the season and being part of the London Blue Devils making the first playoff appearance, was just a stepping stone leading up to last year in London. Last year, London finished with their own team best season, record most goals the team scored in a single game, won their first ever playoff round and also the team received four awards with myself receiving the top goalie award for the western conference. I have to thank my coach’s for always believing in me, supporting me and also giving me every opportunity to play the best game I could. I would also to thank my fellow teammates for playing hard each and every game. I hope the comparison of playing in the Junior B to playing in the NLL still allows to me to focus on the two most important aspects of my game, those being constantly applying myself and also welcoming any and all information that will help me improve my game.

4. Goalies normally take a long time to earn starting roles. What do you want to learn early on in your career the most?

I would like to learn everything there is to know about being a professional goalie. With Paddy Campbell now being the goalie coach for the Toronto Rock and watching him play, I hope to learn as much as I can from an experienced and professional goalie. I think what l need to learn and develop early on in my career is my second and third reaction instinct after making the first save. Also, to physically and mentally act and react without getting to far out of position at this higher level of speed. Furthermore, great stick and ball speed will certainly be a huge development skill to pick up early.

5. Overall, what do you expect the NLL experience to be like?

I expect it to be like no other league I have played in and I truly believe it will be a life changing experience. I know it will take a lot of hard work and dedication but I am definitely up for the challenge and I look forward to the knowledge I will gain from training and playing with the best.

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