NALL Season Preview: Kentucky Stickhorses

The Kentucky Stickhorses have better chemistry than any team in the North American Lacrosse League after playing six games last season. This year, they face stiffer competition in a more stable and organized league. Are they still the class of the NALL?

Schedule Review

Kentucky opens up on January 5th hosting the Boston Rockhoppers. Boston blew out the ‘Horses in their last game of the season, and no doubt Kentucky wants revenge against a very tough opponent.

On January 12th, Kentucky hosts the Rhode Island Kingfish. Rhode Island has been considered the weakest team but they have strong goaltending with Brandon Noble, so it will not be a pushover.

Kentucky hits the road for the first time on the 19th when they head to Boston for a rematch of Opening Day. This will be the first ever road game for the Stickhorses so that is something to note.

On February 1st and 3rd Kentucky hosts the Baltimore Bombers in a back to back, the only times they face the Bombers at home. On the 24th they then head to Baltimore.

On March 2nd the Stickhorses host Boston for the second and final time of the season. Then on March 9th they travel back to Boston. On the 10th they head to Baltimore, and lastly, on March 16th they host Rhode Island.


Kentucky has a strong chemistry as mentioned above. Joel Zalesky is one of the best scorers in the league and they have several veterans such as Ryan Maciaszek, Brandon Dube, Anthony Kelly, Greg Bice, Eric O’Brien and Patrick Crosby.

New Players

Two offensive studs will be joining the squad in Travis Bland and Cody Johnson. Mike McClellan, an NLL veteran will also be there. Spencer Lyons played well in the scrimmage so no doubt he will also have an impact.


With two solid goalies in Crosby and Lyons it is easy to say goaltending is their strength, but we also have to look at an offense that has McClelln, Johnson, Bland and Zalesky. They should be able to score on any team with authority.


Kentucky has never played a road game in the NALL, so maybe that could be a slight disadvantage, but other than that they are solid in net, defense and their offense is very strong. They have more chemistry than any team and have a good backing from ownership and the front office.


Kentucky will be there till the end and I expect them to be in the championship. Them and Baltimore have the two most solid rosters, so it will come down to those two teams.