NCAA: Delaware vs High Point Opens Season

These two teams have a mirror image of each other They like to attack the net and have two similar offensive strategies. Redshirt juniors Bucky Smith and Garrett Swaim have been named team captains for High Point. Both of these two unique players have the ability to turn this team around.

Last season, High Point were scorn with key injuries. Injuries was a huge difference
maker with this team. High Point has some great talent along the board. Sophomore Matt Thistle is a great pick up. He will be a name worth mentioning at the end of the season. He like to be aggressive and has an attack mentality. As we all know, you need depth when going far in the season. Freshman Dan Lomas and Bryce Parietti adds to the attack.

This team plays inside out.  They use their speed as advantage and likes to force turnovers.On the other side of the ball, Delaware needs to have a strong season. They need this game to build up their confidence. Last season, ended in turmoil. Delware made common mistakes that had cost them the game.

Last season, their record was 6-9. Coming back from that will be hard. Eric Smith is back in the line up. Smith was a monster two years ago, leading Delware with 25 goals. He will improve Delware’s attack, causing opponents to be overly aggressive.

That will give other players opportunities to score. This game will dictate the future outcome for both teams. Both teams needs to control the clock and spread the offense around. Delware needs this game more than High Point. They need that confidence.

Key notes: Delware needs to attack aggressively and slow down the speed of High Point. High Point needs to keep Eric Smith away from scoring.