NCAA: Predicted Rankings for 2014

2013 showed that even if you start out on the wrong foot in the beginning of the season, you still have the ability to be champions, and that’s what Coach John Danowski and his Blue Devils accomplished.

2014 is going to be even more special. Players like Rob Pannel (Cornell), Jojo Marasco (Syracuse), Marcus Holman (UNC), Jake Tripucka (Duke), John Kemp (Notre Dame), Mason Poli (Bryant), Owen Blye (Maryland) and others are no longer on the field.

Teams have to regroup and recharge who their leaders and game changers will be, especially with teams entering new conferences. The golden trophy is wide open and any team is capable of making a run to Baltimore.


Here is my Top 20 pre-season rankings:


1. Duke

2. Syracuse

3. North Carolina

4. Denver

5. Notre Dame

6. Princeton

7. Penn State

8. Maryland

9. Albany

10. Virginia

11. Johns Hopkins

12. Yale

13. Loyola

14. Ohio State

15. Bucknell

16. Lehigh

17. Penn

18. Villanova

19. St. john’s

20. Cornell


Who do you think deserves the number one spot? What changes would you make to the Top 20? Have a question or idea for Brendan? Tweet at him @BStaudt631 or e-mail him at