NCAAW: ‘Cuse, Irish, and UNC Amongst Weekly Watch List

The ACC tournament starts on Thursday with a few big games. Some of the top ranked teams in NCAA Women’s Lacrosse will be facing off for the coveted title of ACC champion. This will be an interesting week because Notre Dame and Syracuse are going head to head for the second time in six days, and UNC will face Boston College.

Notre Dame and Syracuse—Notre Dame is seeking revenge after a tough loss to Syracuse. The orange are holding the third seed in the ACC tournament, while ND comes in at seventh. It’s going to be interesting to see what these teams change up this time around. Notre Dame will definitely be looking to amp up their defense, as Syracuse scored eight unanswered goals to start off last Saturday’s game. Syracuse focuses on their immense scoring ability, and will certainly be capitalizing on Notre Dame’s weak points on defense. It’s going to be a game of high stakes, but both teams have great skills and competing in the ACC tournament will like a spark for both sides.

UNC and Boston College—This will be UNC’s fourth consecutive year appearing in the ACC tournament. They are a very secure team, coming into play grasping the third seed, while Boston College comes in at sixth. UNC has a very strong defense, and they thrive on their star’s scoring abilities. UNC has the top-ranked freshman class in the league, and these newcomers are having quite a stellar season. Despite their inexperience with the ACC tournament, they are sure to have a solid showing, as they have made the most of all of their opportunities this season. Boston College does not have the best ranking, but don’t let their sixth seed placement fool you. This team has made comeback after comeback and held up against some of the top teams in the division this season. During their last game, they scored four unanswered goals against Virginia Tech. They have a strong performance in goal, and have a defense that helps defer the opposing team’s scoring abilities. This matchup will be one that showcases each team’s strong points, and although Boston has a sound defense, the freshman standouts may take UNC to the top.

The winner of each game will move on to face one another Friday, April 25, at 3 pm ET.