NLL League Leaders Week 10: Billings, Doyle, Bold

Guess What? Adam Jones is still third in goals.


Garrett Billings had 12 points this week to bring his total to 70 for the top spot in overall points. Behind him, is Shawn Evans, having added eight points for 59. John Grant Jr. holds onto the third spot with 57; he added one goal and three assists this week.

Dane Dobbie added another four goals this weekend, bringing his first place lead to 30. Stephan LeBlanc has jumped up into the second spot with 29, having scored seven goals in two games this weekend. Adam Jones and his 25 goals have fallen to third, which is not too shabby considering the forward has not played since February 1.


Garrett Billings holds the lead in assists; 50 of his 70 points come from there. Additionally, he added eight assists in a pair of games this weekend. Shawn Evans is second with 48, having added seven Sunday against the Rock.   Bringing up third is Dan Dawson with 36. Dawson had three assists this week.

Bob Snider is fast approaching 200 faceoff wins; he is presently at 177, having won nine this weekend. Brother, Geoff, is not far behind him at 171. Geoff Snider won 25 faceoffs on Sunday. Jay Thorimbert had the week off, yet remains in third with 121.


Dan Ball and Andrew Suitor remain tied for first place in penalty minutes with 39. Suitor was off this past week, and Ball did not pick up any additional minutes over the weekend. Second place belongs to Matt Beers with 37; Beers was also off this week. Third place now belongs to Billy Hostrawser with 36.


There are ties everywhere for powerplay goals. Colin Doyle, Dane Dobbie, and Jeff Shattler hold the first place spot with eight. Doyle did not add any power play goals this week while Dobbie and Shattler each had one. Jordan Hall and Logan Schuss hold the second slot with seven. Both had the week off. Tied for third are Tracey Kelusky, Stephan LeBlanc, Kasey Biernes and John Grant Jr. LeBlanc and Biernes each had two powerplay goals this week while Grant Jr. added one. Tracey Kelusky had the week off.


John Grant Jr. added nine shots on goal to bring his lead to 118. Following him is Garrett Billings in second with 108; Billings had 27 shots on goal in a back-to-back this weekend. Third place belongs to Stephan LeBlanc at 104. LeBlanc also played in a back-to-back and registered 22 shots on net.


Aaron Bold has, for this week at least, claimed the top spot in wins with seven having picked up a win on Saturday. There’s a bit of a deadlock for second as Anthony Cosmo, Matt Vinc, and Mike Poulin are all tied there with six wins. Cosmo had the week off; Vinc had a win in Colorado on Sunday, and Poulin also picked up a win on Sunday. Nick Rose and Dillon Ward are tied for third with four wins. Rose had losses in Edmonton and Calgary over the weekend while Ward lost at home on Sunday.

Bold maintains the top GAA, although it has fallen from 7.97 to 8.25. Vinc improved the tiniest bit from 8.68 to 8.66 GAA for second. Bringing up third is Cosmo, following a second week off, at 10.21.

Tyler Richards also had a second week in a row off and leads in saves at 372. Rose takes over the second slot this week, having made 70 saves to bring his total to 364. Following his second week off, Cosmo fell to third with 337.