NLL League Leaders: Jones Injury Shakes Things Up

With Adam Jones out with injury, the league leaders will likely take on a new look in the coming weeks.

With five points added in his last game over the weekend, John Grant Jr. takes over the top spot in points.  Garrett Billings of the Toronto Rock follows with 44; he added 12 points last game to jump up. Adam Jones drops to third due to sitting out with injury, remaining at 40 points. Despite missing the last game, Adam Jones does remain in the top for goals at 25. Teammate, Grant Jr. is behind him, having added two goals over the weekend to bring his total to 19. This ties him with Calgary’s Dane Dobbie who had three goals over the weekend. In the third spot is Vancouver’s Rhys Duch at 18 who had a bye week for Week 7. Shawn Evans and his 30 assists give him the lead in that category; he added eight assists to his total in his game against Minnesota on Saturday. Garrett Billings had six assists Friday night, bringing his total to 29, putting him in the second slot. Grant Jr. and Ryan Ward are tied for third with 26. Grant Jr. added three assists on Saturday while Ward had one.

Bob Snider added to his lead in faceoffs, winning 12 faceoffs to bring his win total to 149. Geoff Snider has switched places with Jay Thorimbert to reverse the second and third spots. Geoff Snider added 23 faceoff wins to his total which currently sits at 106 this weekend. Thorimbert won 11 in Rochester to bring his total to 105. Joel McCready has the lead in penalty minutes at 31, despite not taking any this week. His lead is largely due to his 27 minutes that he took in Edmonton on the first. Matt Beers falls to second, adding two to bring his total to 24. The Wings’s Brodie Merrill takes the third place spot with 23; he did not add any minutes this week. Jordan Hall holds his lead in power play goals at six again this week. There is a group of players at five that includes Tracey Kelusky, Colin Doyle, Dane Dobbie, and Jeff Shattler. Kelusky, Doyle, and Dobbie all added a power play goal to their tallies this week. A serious logjam exists for the third spot made up of Ryan Benesch, Kevin Crowley, Garrett Billings, Stephan LeBlanc, Kasey Biernes, Adam Jones, Sean Pollock, John Grant Jr., Curtis Knight, Mark Matthews, and Rhys Duch. Players that added to their power play goals to join that cluster are Crowley, Billings, LeBlanc, and Grant Jr. Biernes added two power play goals over the weekend. Grant Jr. added 19 shots on goal, bringing his lead from last week to 98. Adam Jones and Rhys Duch remain in second and third place with 76 and 72 shots, despite not having played over the weekend.

Anthony Cosmo is joined by Aaron Bold for the lead in wins with five. Cosmo is coming off of a loss from the weekend while Bold picked up a win. Matt Vinc and Dillon Ward take up the middle spot with four, each winning their respective games on Saturday. Three wins will get you the third place spot as it does for Evan Kirk, Nick Rose and Mike Poulin. Kirk dropped both of his games this weekend while Rose and Poulin picked up wins. Aaron Bold improved his GAA from 8.19 to 7.77 for the lead. Matt Vinc went from 8.59 down to 8.14. Anthony Cosmo replaced Evan Kirk in third with a 10.68 GAA. Tyler Richards leads in saves, bringing his total to 315 by adding 37. Cosmo put on 40 more saves to his total to bring it to 292 for second while Evan Kirk brings up the third spot at 280, making 52 saves in his two games this weekend.