NLL Players Speak on CBA

This past week the National Lacrosse League announced a new Collective Bargaining Agreement that will last for the next seven years. While the players agreed with it as a whole, we decided to speak with some players on their thoughts about the new agreement.

Let’s start off by saying the players agreed to this, and on the media conference call on Tuesday player reps Andrew Suitor and Garrett Billings were very happy with it. But did that represent all players?

There wasn’t much public opinion from players regarding the CBA, so we went to the players themselves to ask how they feel about it. “I think it is great that we have some stability going forward for the next few seasons.” said Kevin Ross of the Philadelphia Wings. “I recognize that as players we made some concessions, but that was needed to help ensure the financial stability of the league. It is important to appreciate the owners’ long-term commitment to the league and to the growth of the game. I’m happy that the league and the PLPA were able to get a deal executed and avoid any disruptions to the 2014 season.”

Some players did not want their names associated with any publicity about the CBA so they remain anonymous, but most who did that complained about the 15% of players losing their jobs in the league and there were also private complaints about how veterans won’t get as many chances with young blood coming in.

I am just thankful they got a deal done.” said Callum Crawford of the Minnesota Swarm. “I’m excited to play and its nice to know the stress of not having a deal is gone. Can’t wait to start camp.”

“We play lacrosse because it;s fun and we win because it’s tradition” Jeremy Thompson of the Edmonton Rush said when asked if he was concerned about the roster size being reduced. “Good for the future of NLL but a lot of guys will be out of a job.” said Toronto third string goaltender Tyler Glebe.

“The smaller active rosters will make it even harder to crack the line up.” Toronto defenseman Mike Lim-Walker told us. “I need to work hard to prove I can play in the league. Should be a very intense camp”

Overall, most players seem in favor of the changes from a league standpoint and are happy for the slight sacrifice for a better league. However, the 15% of players losing jobs is naturally a concern at is yet to be addressed.