Air Force Tops Notre Dame, Wraps Up Fall Ball

Can I first say WOW, did Notre Dame look good in the recent scrimmage vs. Air Force. AF ended getting the best of the Irish but the new Cascade Rs’ that the Irish were sporting were in my opinion one of the most attractive helmets on the field right now! Back to the game, AF came out hitting hard. They came with intensity, fire, and a plan to pick apart that usually solid Notre Dame defense. Air Force came out with passion to play the game after a couple of rough weeks for not only for the lacrosse team but the school in general. Controversy first came with the government shut down which effected Naval Academy, West Point, and of course the Air Force academy. While that was going on Air Force head coach was involved in a motor vehicle accident which took the life of his wife. Air Force came out right from the first whistle like they were playing with a meaning. It was if AF understood the old saying “you never know when its going to end.” Air Force picked apart what is usually a very solid, league leading Notre Dame defense. Air Force was led by a highly skilled, familiarized offense that knew what each other was doing and how to work together as a unit.

Notre Dame on the other hand came out with some new faces that needed time to adjust. A big question for Notre Dame is who is going to fill the big shoes of John Kemp? Notre Dame has been known for their defense within the past decade mostly due to some great goalies such as John Kemp, and Scott Rodgers. Junior keeper Conor Kelly got the start in this scrimmage which should carry over to the spring. While there were questions about the Irish defense Coach Corrigan will undoubtedly have the Irish in game form by the time spring ball starts.

Overall Air Force played a heck of a game and could have some pretty good games on their hands this year. Will they win their conference? Most likely not, but you can never know with a team that has something to prove. While Notre Dame will look to build on a rather disappointing season last year we will see what the Irish can string together with a new goalie and a defense that has struggled thus far.