One on One with Minto MVP Dan Lintner

Dan Lintner had the best year of his career and took home the Minto Cup MVP with the Whitby Warriors. We sat down with him about the series and his future.
1. Thoughts on being Minto Cup champions?
Being a Minto Cup Champion means the world to me. It just goes to show how much time and effort not only the players on our team put in but everyone involved in our organization. When that final buzzer went and we had won I don’t think I could have been any more proud of every single guy on our team , and with this being my last year, it was just that much more special to go out on top like that.
2. What do you think elevated your play?
What I think elevated my play was that this was my last “kick at the can” so to speak. This was my last year of Junior and I will never get a chance at another Minto Cup, so just with that in mind I just went out and played my heart out each and every game. Another factor was also that the 8 guys I am graduating with have been my teammates since minor bantam so we have been with one another for years and to win with them would just be a picture perfect ending so I think that aided in the elevation of not only my play but everyone else’s as well.

3. How tough were the Salmonbellies?

New West was definitely the toughest team we faced in the Minto Cup tournament in my opinion. They were a team that never quit, even when they were down they just kept on trucking. There had a powerful offense that could score when they needed, a defense that was just as tough as any we played against all year long and a goalie that could keep them in games. They were a well rounded team and with them being decently young I would expect them to be a force in the near future.

4. Do you enjoy the experience of playing teams from all different provinces?

I do enjoy that. It is something different in terms of style of play. I wouldn’t say were are all that different but there are some things that the teams from Alberta and BC do that we don’t really do or focus on too much out in Ontario, which in the end can either help us out or even hurt us if we can’t pick up on it fast enough. Also playing these out of province teams gives me a chance to see some friends that I have made over the years playing that live in other provinces. All in all I just enjoy the game but experiencing the different teams from different provinces is definitely something I enjoy 

5. What is next for you?

Right now for me it is off to Cornell for my senior year and I couldn’t be more excited. It is definitely some what sad leaving home and my friends family, and teammates there, but coming back to Cornell is always awesome as the family there is unbelievable and something that I enjoy and am lucky to be a part of each and everyday.
In terms of box lacrosse next summer I really have no idea, it just depends on who I get picked up by in the Senior league. I have discussed the option of going out West potentially with my family but in the end it really just depends. So we will see when that time comes.