One on One with Russ King, CILL Commissioner

Yesterday the Continental Indoor Lacrosse League sent out a press release regarding the end of their season, but we caught up with the man in charge of the show, commissioner Russ King.

1. How did the CILL progress from 2012?

A: Very well we have started getting pieces into place to make this a more successful league then it has been. Meaning, people in the “front office” and in the leadership roles that they need to be in.

2. Did the season go as planned?

A: Yes. The biggest thing we wanted this season was to complete the season with a playoff weekend with more than 2 teams. We did that. Now were there bumps along the way?, Without a doubt but we worked through them and will continue to work through them whenever they may come up. I feel that this was the most successful season out of the 3 and it is only going to improve from here.

3. Are there any concerns about parity with Colorado winning again?

A: None. Colorado is a great team and very well coached and ran. Matt Ogden is doing a very good job out there.

4. Concern about teams dropping out?

A: About the teams that dropped out prior to the season? Not totally concerned, we want them and welcome them back into the league with open arms. I have communicated with some of those teams and they stay up to date with what is going on. And as far as I a know they are all looking at getting back in to the CILL for the 2014 season.

5. Will Upstate come back next year?

A: I sure hope so.

6. Any new formats?

A: It has been in the talks for a new format, it is one of the things, we as a league and the GM’s will be discussing to help improve the league and draw more teams into the CILL region by region.

7. Any new teams?

A: Not officially, there are teams/cities out there that have expressed interest. If done right, I think we could see the league double in size in the next 2 seasons. That would put us at 14 teams. Lansing (Michigan) has been trying to put a team together, we are waiting to see what happens in the off season to see if we will add them as a new team.

8. Are any teams leaving?

A: I am not aware of any team(s) leaving. I feel we are all on board to making the CILL stronger.

If there are any teams out there that would like to entertain the idea of joining the CILL please email me at