Penn State Gears Up for Blue and White Scrimmage

The Nittany Lions are gearing up for their annual Friends and Family Weekend that kicks off with a “Blue and White” scrimmage on Friday night in Happy Valley. 

This is going to be an exciting weekend for the team, as they get to display what they have been practicing since the spring season ended, and it will be a great opportunity to get the students and fans involved early-on in the year so they will be likely to come back and support the team as they make their debut in the 2015 BIG10. 

The Blue and White have lost valuable seniors, Kaut, Sturgis, and LaCrosse, but they are excited to have the 2014 underclassmen step up to the challenge and lead the talented team to a successful season.  It will be interesting to see which players take the lead this season.  Jack Donnelly and JP Burnside are looking to have an impressive senior season, as they return to the field.  It really could be anyone’s year to step up, especially after the graduation of three of the top-contributing players. 

The Blue and White Scrimmage begins at 9pm on the Lacrosse Turf on University Drive.