PHOTO: Springfield College’s New Helmets Are the Coolest Thing You’ve Seen All Day

For those who do not know me personally, I am a 2013 graduate of Springfield College. While at Springfield, the lacrosse team played in the now-defunct Pilgrim League and ran its way to the NCAA Tournament year after year, only to lose to someone bound for greatness. However, if these helmets are any indication, the Pride’s years of coming up short are over.

Springfield College Helmet 2014
Photo via Inside Lacrosse

Just look at them. These photos come courtesy of Inside Lacrosse’s Casey Vock, a man who knows a fresh hat when he sees one. From Vock:

It’s showcased on a matte grey Cascade R with a white chin piece, making for one bad@$$ lid. You can see it’s got a torn American flag decal that features a finish that almost looks like chrome, with a reflective touch. The red of the flag is actually more of a maroon to match the Pride’s colors. The left side of the helmet features the Springfield “S” logo, and each player’s number is on the back panel. The top mohawk stripes are maroon with a white outline.

The work was done by Zima Gear, which you can find on their website, which is linked by this text.