PLL: Whipsnakes keep rolling with win over Chaos

Whipsnakes’ Joe Nardella picks up a ground ball vs Chaos. (Photo credit: PLL)

The Whipsnakes move to 3-0 and Chaos drops to 0-3 when the Whipsnakes defeated Chaos 12-7 in group play on Friday evening at Zions Bank Stadium in Herriman, Utah.

The Whipsnakes slithered away with the game one goal at a time in what was a selfless attack mode. It didn’t matter who scored the goals for the Whipsnakes as long as they were getting scored. Such spread out and even scoring allowed for the Whipsnakes to win.

Blaze Riorden had another impressive game with some solid saves. He had 21 saves and ended with a 66% save percentage. In the end, the tale was told by the scoreboard. His counterpart, Kyle Bernlohr, had seven saves with 68%.

One of the biggest parts of the game was the transition game. “Transition, transition, transition” was echoed in the post game interview with the winning Whipsnakes.

And transition the Whipsnakes did. Joseph Nardella went 21-24 including 15 ground balls and two points. The transition to attack was relatively error free. The attack knew what to do. Zed Williams led the offence with four goals. Matt Rambo ended the game with a pair of goals and four assists. Jay Carlson, John Haus and Nardella all scored once and assisted once.

Causing the Chaos was Curtis Dickson with a pair of goals and one assist. Sergio Salcido added a pair while Josh Byrne, Jake Froccaro and Miles Thompson also scored. Something has to change though if Chaos wants to find its first win of the season.

Chaos next faces the Waterdogs on Saturday afternoon. Both teams will be hungry to get out of the loss column. The Whipsnakes take on the Archers on Sunday, and that should be a close game as well.