Talbot Blog: Rockhoppers Move Into First

It’s always great to win big away games. Usually, the game plan is to keep it simple, hoping the other team tries to do too much in an effort to please their fans. As a goalie, my job is, obviously, to keep the score as low as possible but also to give some confidence to my teammates.

Our last two games have been pretty similar in structure and in results, tight first half and high scoring second half for our offense. I think our conditioning really shapes that pattern as we can push harder than our opponents in the later quarters of the game.

I really enjoyed my time in Baltimore. It’s great to see a lot of fans at games and I thought the Bombers organization were great hosts. I also liked the atmosphere at the rink. Even though the lighting can be a bit tricky especially for a goalie, I though the overall old school feeling of the Du Burns arena was very nice.

I’ve also had the chance to check out the coverage from access lacrosse after the game and was very pleased with how professional they were. I like the way the season is going for the league! Great crowds and good media coverage is very good for the sport of lacrosse. Life is so much better when you see the glass half full, even in hard times.

Enjoy your week everyone.