Talbot Blog: Rockhoppers Win Two

Hello everyone. I’m glad to be back on In Lacrosse We Trust, this time blogging as a proud member of the Boston Rockhoppers of the North American Lacrosse League. Let me start off by saying how great I think the start of the season has been for our team but also for the league in general. It seems like every team is enjoying good coverage from their local media and also from the lacrosse world. From what I’ve seen so far the fans are also excited and are showing it at games.

Our home opener in Marlborough, MA was very loud and I think the whole event created some momentum for our team and for the league. It is not an easy task to build a new league and to get it working properly as we’ve experimented last season, but I think that the players, the coaches, the teams and the owners have all answer the call in 2013.
As far as lacrosse is concerned, every team looks competitive and ready to battle. Our first two games were 1 goal affairs and our last game was a close one all the way to the third quarter with us getting the best of the Kentucky Stickhorses.

Lacrosse is a physical game and this one was no exception. I think we are building a great rivalry with the Stickhorses, something that is going to benefit the fans that come to the games, undoubtedly.
The consensus that came out of our locker room last weekend was that we are a family. Great teams differentiate themselves from good teams by being able to create strong bonds between the players involved. I’m not saying we have achieved this status yet but I think that just like the Voyageurs in the QSLL during the summer, this team is showing great potential.
Working hard and playing for each other, not for one self, is the key to succeed in the long run.