Talbot: Rockhoppers Face Kingfish at Home

The games that team plays of the road are often different from the ones you play at home. The game plan is usually simplified and, as the away team, you don’t feel the need or the emotional connection to give a good show to your fans.

When we travel to Kentucky, our biggest enemy is the fatigue we accumulate from flying and driving. I’m sure teams from Rhode Island and Baltimore feel the same way when they head down there. As a goalie, I try to make sure I visualize the game ahead of time. I will also train accordingly during the week. Eating well is obviously also part of the winning formula.

Tomorrow we will face the Rhode Island Kingfish, a team that is in my opinion much better than their record says. The game will be played at the New England Sports Center in Malboro, MA.

If you are in the area I encourage you to come and see it. The rivalry is intense and the ambiance in the arena is awesome. I can guarantee that it will be worth it!