Team Canada Player Profile: Garrett Billings

Today our Team Canada player profile will be on a player that has succeeded in every league he has played in and has won numerous scoring titles. Today’s player spotlight will be on Garrett Billings. Billings is a shoe-in to make Team Canada thanks to his impressive statistics in every league from the MLL to the NLL.

Billings in his past two NLL seasons has put up 100 plus points and this year seems to be no different as he already has 58 points in just 8 games with 16 goals and 42 assists. Billings’ ability to create plays is the main reason he will be on Team Canada. Billings is a playmaker first and foremost and makes anyone he plays with better.

Billings showed his playmaking skills this season when he recorded 12 points against the Philadelphia Wings as he had six assists and six goals. The fact that Billings forces teams to focus on him on defense opens up the floor for his teammates and if teams do not focus on him he will make them pay as he can score just as easily.

There is no doubt in my mind that Billings will not make this team as he is a phenomenal all around player that can change the game in a heartbeat.