Toronto Rock Seeking New General Manager

toronto rock

Jamie Dawick did an admirable job this past NLL season stepping in as the Toronto Rock general manager. He brought in Kevin Crowley for Garrett Billings, who wasn’t going to sign. He had to build around a team missing Colin Doyle, and for a while, Rob Hellyer.

However, it seems the owner and president of the Rock is looking for a new GM to run the team in 2016 and beyond.

Dawick told the radio show Toronto Rock Total Access that he is looking to hire a new GM.

Its hard to figure out who the candidates might be, since the amount of personnel available is rather thin. They could stick with someone internal or scourge the market.

This is interesting, because we can take a look at current general managers. Derek Keenan has remained the coach and GM in Edmonton for years. Steve Govett is the same in Colorado. Mike Board has been with the Roughnecks since they were bought by the Flames. Rochester has been operated by Curt Styres since he bought the team. Buffalo hired Steve Dietrich when they removed Darris Kilgour, and has seen no changes. Andy Arlotta hasn’t been removed yet and won’t be in Minnesota/Georgia.

Teams don’t switch general managers often, which is why finding a new one can be so difficult. One interesting suggestion, via Twitter:

The one former NLL general manager floating around there is Johnny Mouradian but that seems rather unlikely.