Two Very Different Approaches for Solving De-Certifications

Cascade has been working around the clock to remedy their recent decertification. At the end of this week (two days ago), they released a statement saying they expect to have answers and solutions in the next ‘coming days’. So, I project by Christmas.

Just like your iPhone/Mac, or iPod, or vehicle or whatever else, you can register your product online. Go to and you can register your Cascade helmet. Here’s what this will do:

a) If it’s a small padding adjustment or addition, Cascade can mail them directly to you and you just pop them in and problem(s) solved

b) If it becomes a recall (doubtful), you’ll most likely need a registration number to go to a local retailer with

c) A hybrid, where if you’re uncomfortable messing with your helmet’s structural integrity, can have the materials shipped to a local retailer and you take in your helmet for them to adjust.

Now for Warrior, who’s been extremely quiet throughout this process. Still not hearing much from them; I’ll bet they’re biting the bullet from all the funds spent on marketing and advertising for their Regulator.

a) Follow this link:,default,pg.html

b) Go to the bottom of the page and fill out USA Lacrosse Returns Form

c) Not a guaranteed situation, but if the time comes for a helmet exchange, Warrior says you’ll need this after the first 30 days following your purchase.

d) If you ask me, Warrior is going to make things difficult, and I’m a fan of their brand. That’s saying something.

Folks, it sounds like remedies are on the way. For parents concerned about noggin protection, please note neither of these helmets EVER cleared indoor standards. Their warnings and warranties say specifically for field turf use.

If your kids/players are starting an indoor league, strongly consider purchasing a Canadian lacrosse helmet. As for the spring season, the helmets should be resolved by then.