UMass, Hofstra Class of CAA

As the season approaches these teams have some very good talent. Delware, Drexel, Hofstra, UMass, Penn State, Saint Joesphs, and Towson are the toss up teams in the division.

Last season both UMass and Drexel battled for the CAA Championship. As we know, UMass was undefeated, with their stifling defense and their outstanding offense. As Drexel struggled with UMass and lost the game. Questions and concerns for this organization would be more skilled players playing defense and their leadership qualities.

Other than that, we could see this team making another run deep in the play offs. Penn State has to stay focuse on their true identity. They are known as a physical defense, that can create problems for offenses. Saint Joesphs, Towson, and Delware have to improve  All three of these schools lack depth and are scorned by injuries to their top stars. They can not afford to have anther injury with contenders like U Mass,Penn State and Hofstra breathing down their neck.

As the season approaches, many fans have already pick U.Mass as the favorite to win this division. The key with stopping this team, is defense. Defense will give your offense the ability to control the game, without falling behind.