Vail Lacrosse Shootout Update

  The second day of heavy rain in the Vail Valley wreaked havoc on the Shootout. The U-19 Girls Gold bracket semi-finals were moved to Sunday morning. The youth Chumash tournament canceled its afternoon games and the U-19 boys 3:00pm games finished well after 6:00pm.

In the Grandmasters (50 and over) championship game the Eldest Statesmen were victorious for the fourth year in a row. The men from Hobart are now a combined 12-0 in Grandmasters play since the inception of the division. The Statesmen outscored their opponents 36-11 this year, dominating in every game they played.

The semi-finals of the Supermasters division were both heavily lopsided games. Last year’s champions, C2C Magic Wands defeated Millennium / Rock-it Pocket by four goals, and look to repeat as Supermasters Champions. In the second semi-final the Eldest Statesmen ran over Yellowdog 20-6. Tomorrow the Supermasters championship will take place in Ford Park at 12:30pm.

In the Dr. Tom Watts Memorial U-19 Boys High School Boys Showcase, the local boys, Team Colorado won a thrilling overtime game over Brady’s Bunch to advance to the Championship game. In the other semi-final FCA easily dispatched Laxachusetts 11-4, to return to the championship game for the second time in two years.

In the U-19 Girls High School Gold Bracket, only half the games were played today. Heros 2013, Team 180, Team HLA and Puget Sound Select moved onto the semi-finals which will be played at 7:00am on Edwards.

Results for Friday 7/6

Dr. Tom Watts Memorial U-19 High School Boys Showcase

Division 1 Championship Semi-Finals – Avon 1 (East)
Team Colorado 10, Brady’s Bunch 9
Colorado’s hustle and intensity led to an early lead and a one-goal halftime edge. They imploded in the third quarter with eight penalties and an early release that cost a critical possession. Colorado regained their composure and were tied with 13 seconds remaining after a team goal rebounding off of the pipe and the Colorado goalie on a defensive pass. Jackson Arnold had the game winner in overtime with 45 seconds left. Overall, it was a great semi-final effort by both teams.

FCA 11, Laxachusetts 4
FCA will return to the championship game after a solid team effort against Laxachusets. FCA had seven different goal scorers, and were able to take advantage of the sub-par playing conditions possessing the ball and dominating ground balls.

Division 1 Consolation Semi-Finals – Avon 1 (East)
Team Ohio 17, True Lacrosse 11
ADRLN Tropics defeated NE 3D Select

Division 2 Bracket – Avon 2 (West)
Winnipeg 11, Buddha’s Ballers 9
Blue Lion 16, Local Favorites 7
Western Colo. Mavericks defeated Houlaguns

U-19 High School Girls Showcase
Gold Bracket Quarter Finals – 10:30am
Team HLA 11, MN Lakers 2013 0
Puget Sound Select 9, Midwestern Force 7
Heros 2013 13, Indy United 4
Team 180 17, Utah Mamaci Elite 6

Gold Bracket Championship Semi-Finals – 2:15pm
Delayed – will be played 7:00am Sunday Team HLA vs. Puget Sound Select
Delayed – will be played 7:00am Sunday Heros 2013 vs. Team 180

Gold Bracket Consolation Semi-Finals – 2:15pm
Delayed – will be played 7:00am Sunday — MN Lakers 2013 vs. Midwestern Force
Delayed – will be played 7:00am Sunday — Indy United vs. Utah Mamaci Elite

Silver Bracket Quarter Finals – 9:15am
Team Colorado 13, MN Lakers 2014/2015 8
Stars 13, MN Frosties 4
Houston Heat 14, Durangatangs 5
Denver Summit 7, Blue Lions 5

Silver Bracket Championship Semi-Finals – 1:00pm
Team Colorado vs. Stars
Houston Heat 13, Denver Summit 12

Silver Bracket Consolation Semi-Finals – 1:00pm
MN Lakers 2014/2015 13,  MN Frosties 5
Durangatangs vs. Blue Lions

Bronze Round Robin
All Idaho 11, MN Lakers 2016 10
Utah Mamaci Black 11, SoCal Edge 8
MN Lakers 2016 13, SoCal Edge 5
Utah Mamaci Black 13, All Idaho 12



Semi-Final Games

C2C Magic Wands 7, Millennium/Rock-it-Pocket 3

The C2C Magic Wands were able to win against the recently undefeated Millennium/Rock-it-Pocket team. Rock-it-Pocket made the first goal of the game, but was never able to gain the lead after the Wands started scoring. Attackman Paul Thomas, of Magic Wands, scored a hat trick and an assist.

Elder Statesmen 20, Yellow Dog 6

Elder Statesmen dominated yet another game in this semi-final game against Yellow Dog. Statesmen’s John Zulberti, an attackman, helped maintain the team’s lead by scoring a hat trick and three assists.

Consolation Semi-Finals

Navy Old Goats 8, Moondoggies 9

Both teams made this an intense, physical game. Moondoggies were able to come back to tie it up going into the second half and ended up pulling out with the win by scoring with four minutes left in the game.


Middlebury 7, Cactus Lacrosse 6

Both teams came out to play in this semi-final game. It was a close game throughout all four quarters. Middlebury’s Bill Fuhs stood out as a game-changing player, picking up many ground balls and scoring three goals. Cactus almost made a comeback, but couldn’t overcome Middlebury’s drive to win.


Lower Bracket Games

Mad Greens 8, Galileo 11

Galileo 8, Aged Spirits 7

Vendetta’s 7, Princeton Obsoletes 13




Championship Game

Eldest Statesmen 8, Los Viejos 5



3rd Place Game

Middlebury 7, Gravediggers 6


Consolation Championship

Navy 7, Colorado Lax Club 4


7th Place Game

Mr. Boh 7, Air Force Greybirds


Final Standings

1st Place- Elder Statesmen

2nd Place- Los Viejos

3rd Place- Middlebury

4th Place- Gravediggers

5th Place- Navy Grand Goats

6th Place- Colorado Lax Club

7th Place- Mr. Boh

8th Place- Air Force Greybirds


Schedule for Saturday 7/7

Dr. Tom Watts Memorial U-19 High School Boys Showcase


Division 1


11am-Ford West- FCA vs. Team Colorado


3rd Place

9am-Avon 1- Brady’s Bunch vs. Laxachusetts


5th Place

7:30am- Avon 1- ADRLN Tropics vs. Team Ohio


7th Place

9am- Athletic – NE 3D Select vs. True Lacrosse


Division 2


9am- Ford West – Winnipeg vs. Blue Lion



7:30am- Avon 2- Buddha’s Ballers vs.  Houlaguns

9am- Avon 2- Western Colo. Mavericks vs. Local Favorites



U-19 High School Girls Showcase

Gold Bracket Championship Semi-Finals – 7:00am
7:00am- Edwards Turf Field 1 – Team HLA vs. Puget Sound Select
7:00am-Edwards Grass Field 2 – Heros 2013 vs. Team 180
Gold Bracket Consolation Semi-Finals – 7:00m
Edwards Grass Field 3 – MN Lakers 2013 vs. Midwestern Force
Edwards Grass Field 4 – Indy United vs. Utah Mamaci Elite

Gold Bracket Championship

10:30am- Edwards Field 1 (Turf)- Winner Game 7 vs. Winner Game 8


Gold Bracket 3rd Place Game

9:15am-Edwards Field 3- Loser Game 7 vs. Loser Game 8


Silver Bracket Championship

9:15am- Edwards Field 1 (Turf)- Stars vs. Houston Heat


Silver Bracket 3rd Place Game

8:00am- Edwards Field 3- Colorado vs. Denver Summit


Silver Bracket Consolation

8:00am- Edwards Field 4-Minnesota Lakers 2014/15 vs. Blue Lions

9:15am- Edwards Field 2- MN Frosties vs. Durangatangs



U-19 Bronze Round Robin

8:00am- Edwards Field 2- ALL Idaho vs. SoCal

8:00am- Edwards Field 1- Utah Mamaci Black vs. MN Lakers Select 2016




Championship Game

12:30pm- Ford West- C2C Magic Wands vs. Elder Statesmen


3rd Place Game

8:30am- Ford East- Millennium Rock-it-Pocket vs. Yellow Dog


Consolation Championship

10:30am- Ford East- Moondoggies vs. Middlebury


7th Place Game

8:30am- Donovan- Navy Old Goats vs. Cactus Lacrosse


Lower Bracket Games

9:00am- Vail Mountain School- Mad Greens v. Princeton Obsoletes

10:30am- Donovan- Vendetta’s vs. Galileo

11:00am- Vail Mountain School- Mad Greens v. Galileo


Photo Captions:



The Eldest Statesmen completed their four-peat in the Grandmasters division, and have not lost a game in the last four years.



A tournament favorite, the Zenmasters (60 and over), held their exhibition at Donavan Park with more than 25 participants.



In the Grandmasters Championship, the Eldest Statesmen (white) defeated Los Viejos 8 – 5.



The youth Chumash got underway on Saturday with 19 teams with almost 100 kids competing.