Vince Talbot Blog: Rockhoppers Open Camp

This weekend saw the beginning of the Rockhoppers training camp.  As part of the players invited to camp I had the chance to participate in one of the most intense three hour practice I’ve ever done.  Intense, fast drills with minimal rest and a bunch of players giving it all for a roster spot, that is what was going in on in Marlboro, MA! The core leaders of the Rockhoppers sent the message right away to the aspiring players with hard checks and precise shooting. Andrew Kirkaldy, Ryan Hotaling and Malcolm Chase all lead by exemple during that first three hours of practice.

Prior to the camp was a box lacrosse clinic organised by the team. I wouldn’t say I was surprised by the number of kids that were there but I was clearly very glad to see a lot of excitement for the upcoming season and for the game in general. The Boston area is filled with lacrosse players and fans of box lacrosse.  Things are looking very good for the Rockhoppers organisation and I’m very fortunate to be a part of it.

Until next time.