Vincent Talbot Blog: Voyageurs Keep Rolling

It was a good weekend for the voyageurs. We won our two games, 12-9 and 14-10 respectively. It’s also the first time in our history that we are first in the league. It does not mean much for now as we are still fighting our way into the season with rivals that are strong and tough to beat. But, for those who have been with the team since the beginning, it’s a pleasant sight. Like I said in one of my previous blog, there are a lot of lacrosse teams at all levels that fold after the first bumps.

What do we have to do next? Work hard? Work harder? Obviously! But, we also need to keep our focus. What does that mean? It means the usual stuff, come to games prepared to play, workout, eat well, blablabla… I think it also mean DON’T PANIC! The league is more competitive than ever. Every team is good and every team needs to be respected.

In the next couple of weeks we will need to finalize our 25 men playoff roster. There is no doubt in my mind that this is going to be a difficult task for our coaching staff. Everyone that has played for the voyageurs so far this season deserves to be on that list, but that will not happen. I have never been a situation where I had to decide who will and who will not play. I don’t plan on telling anyone how to do their job either. The only things I can say are to the players that won’t make it. Keep working hard?

Yes, of course. Please stick around? We’d love to have you around the team but I know you guys have lives. I think the only thing I could say would be to not give up on what you’ve accomplished so far in lacrosse. I know it sounds cheesy and it’s clearly easier to say than to do but that is all there is.

Lacrosse is a historical sport. It has been played by generations of players from all origins. What I’ve learned by playing for native teams is that you have to respect the game. Respecting the game does not only mean playing hard, it also mean respecting your rivals, your teammates and anyone who contributes by just playing and loving it.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to respecting the first rule by which we should all guide our lives: Don’t be an a******.

Have a great week.