Who Will be CLax MVP?

As the Clax Season begins here are the top 5 players to watch out for that could win league MVP.

Scotty Komer: Komer was the Barrie Blizzards first choice in the Clax expansion draft and with that comes high expectations. Komer though can live up to the hype as he posted the best saves percentage in Clax in 2012 posting a save percentage of .797 while on the league’s worst team. Expect Komer to keep Barrie in games and help them drive towards a playoff birth. If the Blizzard make the playoffs it will be due to Komer’s strong play which should net him MVP honors.

Scott Defrancesco: Defrancesco was a goal scoring machine for the Turfdogs last year as he scored 35 goals and had 8 assists. Expect Defrancesco to once again score goals in bunches and help the Turfdogs remain one of the league’s best offenses. Defrancesco if he can pick up more assists this year will be an easy candidate for MVP.

Brad Levick: Levick was a force last year for the Oshawa Machine scoring 24 goals and 31 assists. At only 27 years old expect Levick to start playing his best lacrosse this year with the Toronto Shooting Stars. If Levick can help quarterback this offense and carry the Stars to the playoffs and beyond he will gain strong consideration for MVP Honors.

Dylan Llord: Llord last year with Brampton had 20 goals and 36 assists and controlled their offense. Llord was traded this offseason to the Niagara Lock Monsters and will be the catalyst for their offense. Expect Llord to bring out the best in team mates Brad Favero and Kim Squire. Llord will once again be challenging for the scoring lead in
Clax this year and will help turn the Lock Monsters from one of the worst teams in Clax last year to a championship contender.

Chris Atwood: What can you say about Chris Atwood last year’s MVP winner in a season where he had 35 goals and 36 assists and carried the Oshweken Demons to the Creators Cup. Atwood was recently traded to the Iroquois Ironmen and will play with his brother Mike. Atwood is perhaps the best player in Clax and will carry the Ironmen on his back
and to the Creators Cup final this season. Expect Atwood to improve on last year’s MVP season and look to win his second MVP in 2013.