Chris Ajemian Blog: Lax in Vegas

December 10, 2012

The LXM Pro Tour hit the entertainment capital of the world, Las Vegas last weekend in its final tour stop of 2012.  As part of Adrenaline’s LXM/ATS, this event was an amazing experience for not only myself but for the players and fans that were able to make the trip out.  Vegas is a city full of energy and all the players were pumped to be able to play and…


Ajemian Blog: Bostonlax Announces New Partners and Future Plans for 2013

November 20, 2012

In year one alone, we have already surpassed one million page views and have had overwhelming support in the process.  We owe the Bostonlax community a huge thank you and are committed to bringing them the best online lacrosse experience possible.  With that said, we are working tirelessly behind the scenes to deliver a complete website redesign, expanded coverage and the addition of girls.  There is a growing Bostonlax community…


Ajemian Blog: LXM Pro in Phoenix

November 15, 2012

LXM Pro 602 took place this weekend in Phoenix, Arizona and my weekend started with a solid, non-stop, Jet Blue flight that got myself along with a couple other local Boston guys in around midnight mountain time. I’ve had several layovers in Pheonix but never journeyed outside the airport so this was my first time spending more than a couple hours in Phoenix.  After getting picked up we made a…


Chris Ajemian Blog: LXM Pro Makes a Stop in Utah

October 19, 2012

Editors Note: The LXM Pro Tour is the world’s only professional lacrosse tour, combining elite-level athletes with live music and fan interaction in festival-like events targeting mid and major American markets.  Sean Morris and Chris Ajemian of Bostonlax are members of the tour and Chris (Team Sole) made the trip to Orem, Utah and recaps the latest event and shares his thoughts on the LXM Pro Tour! The LXM Pro Tour and its the…


Boston Lax Announces All Star Teams

Boston Lax is proud to announce the release of its inaugural All-Star teams for the 2012 Massachusetts high school season. Players were honored across all three divisions in Eastern Mass., a combined Central and Western Mass. team, and the Independent Prep School League (ISL). The Boston Lax staff selected the squads based on overall performance and character. Boston Lax is a website devoted to covering high school and club lacrosse…

July 11, 2012

BostonLax.Net: A Look at Massachusetts High School Lacrosse

Editors Note: is a lacrosse website devoted to changing the face of Massachusetts lacrosse.  The website focuses on high-school players in Massachusetts and it contains player rankings, polls, standings, videos, game stories and utilizes social media to provide users with dynamic score updates.  Boston Lax will continue its coverage during the summer months so to voice your opinion and tell the Boston Lax team which games they should cover…

June 26, 2012