Chris Ajemian Blog: LXM Pro Makes a Stop in Utah

Editors Note: The LXM Pro Tour is the world’s only professional lacrosse tour, combining elite-level athletes with live music and fan interaction in festival-like events targeting mid and major American markets.  Sean Morris and Chris Ajemian of Bostonlax are members of the tour and Chris (Team Sole) made the trip to Orem, Utah and recaps the latest event and shares his thoughts on the LXM Pro Tour!

The LXM Pro Tour and its the stop to Orem, and to my knowledge was the first professional lacrosse game in Utah.  Each LXM event is its own unique experience and this one was no different, the beautiful scenery and fans made this event truly special and a reminder of why I continue playing.

Players generally get in Friday before the game as most of the players are working during the week.  I got in late Friday, caught up with Brett Moyer, watched some SportsCenter then called it a night (more on SportsCenter later). Everyone was up early Saturday ready to go, we had a team shoot-around/walk through and began mingling with the fans. Each LXM event has a core group of guys conducting clinics and for the most part your getting guys like Kyle Harrison, Mikey Powell and Matt Russell who are arguably the best players at their position of all time, teaching the game they love.  People are always curious about what an LXM event is like from a player standpoint and for me, playing on the same field with guys like this is a very humbling experience and something that I feel very fortunate to be a part of.

Being a coach myself I always try to pick up on new trends and things other guys are teaching or doing on the field.  Listening to Mikey speak in person is incredible.  Just looking at the guy you would never think a guy that small could have such an everlasting impact on the game but that’s why our sport is so great. The Utah fans were so engaged with every clinic and were without a doubt the friendliest fans I’ve ever encountered.  MP stressed the importance of fundamentals and stick work specifically.  I’m amazed at what I have been able to still learn after all these years playing and Mikey’s clinic was an awesome experience for everyone in attendance.

Playing at 5,000 feet above sea level is a bit of a challenge and took some getting used to.  As most lacrosse fans, this is a game of runs and both teams went on runs throughout the content.  After battling back and forth MP sniped a corner to end the first quarter 5-3. There were a ton of highlights throughout the game including a Max Daviss kick save (Maxx is a midfielder) and a full field goal before halftime.  Matt Russell threw an absolute seed to Erik Krum who got over the top of our defense and miraculously caught it while spinning 180 degrees and put it home.  STX had an 11-5 advantage at the half and after a phenomenal team pow-wow we chipped away at the lead to make it 12-10 with the help from Geoff Worley, Graham Gill and Zach Brennaman.  Every time we scored STX was able to answer and after JR Oreskovich got us to 13-12 STX went on a run and eventually hung on to win 15-13.

Check out the full game through the Lacrosse Network on youtube if you want to see more.  The highlight of the game though was definitely the full field goal right before halftime a goal that was featured as the #3 play on ESPN top ten.

After the game can be a little crazy with the crowd rushing the field trying to get autographs and gear but the Utah fans were very respectful and gave us time to unwind for a few minutes after.  Win or lose events are designed to create amazing, unforgettable experiences for the youngsters and this one was no different.  Walking out of the complex I ended up giving away my jersey and shaft to two kids and the sheer emotion on their faces was a nice reminder of why I love being part of this.