Rockhoppers Have Contention Worthy Team in 2013

Last season the Boston Rockhoppers were the only team to successfully defeat the Kentucky Stickhorses. In 2013, they will have a full slate of games to play and general manager Anthony Fitti says that the Rockhoppers are prepared.

“I feel very good about the way our roster is constructed at this point. The 10-12 guys we have protected right now are majority from our second game in Kentucky that we won. It is a very hungry and passionate group that will compete every night. Our organization feels very strong about our foundation of players and their very high level of compete. With the right mixture of the protected group and drafted additions it will be a very successful season.”

In the history of New England pro lacrosse, Boston based players have always been the norm. After all, outside of Baltimore and upstate New York, it can be argued Massachusetts creates the best players. Fitti says they want to take advantage of that.

“The approach is to put the best product possible on the field. New England happens to be a very rich lacrosse area with a ton of talent. We do want to create a home grown atmosphere, but we also want to win. We feel that with the lacrosse talent and experience in our own back yard why would we need to look else where.”

Fitti also says the chemistry from the two games last year give Boston an advantage. “Having last years game experience helps tremendously when it comes to team chemistry. Our players already feel a sense of brother hood having already experienced the lows of losing and the highs of winning. Our players have a sense of what it takes to win and that will be a huge factor coming into the 2013 season.”

The Boston Cannons won the MLL Championship in 2011, but the Boston Blazers were the last indoor lacrosse team in Boston, and they folded after their 2011 season. However, lacrosse is growing in Boston, and the Rockhoppers want to latch onto that.

“The sky is the limit on how big indoor box lacrosse can be in Boston. The huge success that the Boston Cannons have turned out to be really shows the excitement of lacrosse in the Boston area. Once people who have never experienced box lacrosse and the fast paced nature, see our product and the high level competition we put on the floor it will really open eyes and create excitement.”