FANN CUP 2016: DESTINATION… Oakville, Ontario.

FANN CUP enters its 15th Year of Raising Money for Charity.

Every year lacrosse fans gather to watch their professional teams play.  Some go on road trips to support their team, others watch faithfully online or on their network television stations.

But when the month of July comes up on the calendar it only means one thing, FANN CUP!!

The one time of the year where the fans of the game become the stars of the game.  Fans will wear their team’s jerseys, maybe wear the number of their favorite player, and play the game we love and to raise money for local charities.  There isn’t a Mann Cup or Champion’s Cup to be hoisted, just a lot of high fives, fist bumps, hugs and smiles knowing that the sweat each player and volunteer expends is all for a great cause.

The anticipation of this event usually starts around late December-early January when a date is announced. (Location is announced at the end of the previous tournament).  Fans of the game gather each year to raise money for a charity (selected by the host team).  No experience is necessary.  All that is needed is a helmet, stick and gloves.  But most importantly, you need to know how to have FUN.

Fann Cup is a non-contact charity tournament (  It enters its 15th year with only a handful of participants being able to claim their fame to all 15.  Over these 15 years, monies raised have totaled $78,007.08 for various charities throughout the local communities.

In the past years the tournament has taken the fans that play to Oshawa, Rochester, Buffalo, Philadelphia, Minnesota, Syracuse, and Chicago.  Participants will start to gather a couple days before the one day event to take in some local sights, relax, and catch up with friends.

You may ask where the money comes from.  Well participants pay a players fee, averages around $75 per person.  Then we have items that are sometimes donated by the players, some from sponsors which could be for a local event in town, gift cards for dinner, authentic jerseys, (NLL has been donating one the last few years), and the participants will try to get some items from local colleges, and professional teams to be placed for bidding.  Sometimes the hotels and/or sandwich shops may even donate a percentage of their revenue from that weekend.

We also have “The Wheel of Crap”.  For $1-$2 per spin you spin the wheel to “win some crap.”  Items are usually things you can find in the dollar store, maybe a silly item you may find in a fast food happy meal, etc.

This year everyone will gather in Oakville, Ontario.  Scott McCallum, Brian Curnow and Donald Duclos head up the host team Toronto Roadies and have been working hard at arranging hotels and securing a facility to play at.

This year the event will be held at the Toronto Rock Athletic Center (TRAC), practice facility of the Toronto Rock and home to the MSL Oakville Rock.  Owner Jamie Dawick (who also owns the Toronto Rock) was happy to make the facility available for such an event.

This year along with player fees, each player will receive two tickets to an MSL game and a ticket to the banquet on Saturday evening.  On Friday night players will gather for a registration party at the TRAC.  Players will receive a Fann Cup t-shirt, glass, etc. The Oakville Rock moved their normal Monday night home game to Friday night as they host Six Nation Chiefs seeing as there will be another 300-plus fans in attendance.

This year the charity that was selected is SMILEZONE. ( Please visit the site to see all they do.  Below is their Mission and Vision.



The Smilezone Foundation’s mission is to create, build and transform areas in hospitals, private treatment and development centres, and children’s clinics in order to improve the lives of children facing illness, disabilities, and physical and emotional obstacles.


The Smilezone Foundation is committed to putting smiles on children’s faces.


What’s at stake?   Bragging rights.  The winning team will bring the bragging rights home to their home town for the year.

We also have The Spirit Award.  This goes to the team that demonstrates sportsmanship and having the most fun during the tournament.  Teams playing for the Championship are not eligible.


As a participant since 2006 I have to say it’s the most fun I have every year. In 2010 my daughter played in her first event with me and in 2015 my son joined us and it was something I will NEVER forget.  Many others have had their sons, daughters, and spouses play with them, some have even assisted on their children’s first Fann Cup goal.

I have made so many new friends that will last longer than a lifetime.  I never played the game in high school or college, but I heard about it from some of my friends that I would see at the Philadelphia Wings games, so I figure why not give it a shot.  I’m so glad I made the decision to play.

2016 Teams and Championship Years

(Buffalo) Brigade—2004
Chicago) Cloverz—2009, 2010(co-winner), 2011, 2012
Rochester) Krewhawks—2005, 2015
Toronto) Roadies—2002, 2013
Minnesota) Stingers
(various cities) Spirit—will merge with
Chicago for 2016.
Toronto) Tutes—2014
Philadelphia) Wingnuts—2003, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2010(co-winner)