Jesse Guerin: “I’d love to be back in Kentucky”

When the Kentucky Stickhorses signed Jesse Guerin mid season, everyone knew their offense would improve. It did and Guerin was one of their best scorers, especially when Mike McClellan went to the NLL.

“Overall it was a good time in Kentucky, had some great teammates and enjoyed meeting everyone involved.” Guerin told us.

Kentucky fell hard in the championship game when they were defeated by Boston 25-13, obviously a tough way to end the season.

“It was a tough way to end the season, we didn’t compete or make any adjustments in the final game. You have to give Boston credit they played a great game but it was an embarrassing way to go out.” Gueron says.

Guerin has played at levels such as the Canadian Lacrosse League, Major Series Lacrosse and even some NLL, and he says the style of the NALL was a little bit different, but not bad.

“The NALL was a little different style of box that Iam used to, alot of run and gun, but I think the Americans are getting better at the pick and roll game and are improving all the time, there are alot of good atheltes.”

Next season Guerin is hoping to be back in the NLL but also says if not, he’d be happy to return to the Stickhorses.

“Hopefully next season I will be able to crack an NLL roster but if not I’d love to be back in Kentucky and compete for a championship”