Machine End Season 8-6; Look to Offseason for Building


The regular season has come to a close, and the Machine are looking back with a positive attitude. The team finished out with a solid 8-6 record, and ended the regular season with a five game win-streak. The streak was tied for the longest winning streak in the MLL’s history.

Their winning streak was put to an end on August 16th by the Rattlers in the first round of Playoffs. The machine put up a fight, and a four-goal deficit was the only thing standing in the way of a victory over the Rattlers.

All year, the team has been setting goals and conquering them. Things really lit up for them as June transitioned into July. A few things contributed to their success. The Machine’s stellar offense led the way to most of their victories. The strong group midfielders who scored 29 goals combined over the season, Schreiber, Harrison and Baum, have made tremendous contributions this year, and they continue to set the bar high for seasons to come. This group of players completely changed the dynamic of the Machine and the team has never looked better.

The Machine have progressed quite nicely over this season, especially as compared to their 2013 performance. It was a great season to be a fan of The Machine, as they showed exactly the kind of high-intensity play they are capable of.

After such a successful season, it will be interesting to see how well The Machine work in 2015.