NALL Off-Season Look-In

Things didn’t exactly go as planned in the first season of the NALL, but in the end six games were played and the league was launched. Centered around three main members, the Kentucky Stickhorses, Boston Rockhoppers, and Lehigh Valley Flying Dutchmen the league played three official league games, and three against non-NALL foes. Year one was the foundation, and they are hoping to build on that tremendously come year two.

Expansion has been a frequently talked about topic when it comes to the NALL, as the league only had three official members for its first season. Expect the number of teams to increase year two. Said Anthony Chase, owner of the Kentucky Stickhorses, “I will say that we have at least two new teams well on their way.” However, those teams locations are still unknown to the public as of this time. Some cities have been speculated, but nothing is official as of now. The league will also have each team have their own home venue, a problem they ran into last season due to lack of time to schedule events. Players for the new teams will be distributed through a draft, much like last season.

One of the non-league foes the Stickhorses welcomed into Freedom Hall was the Jersey Jesters, who played in the first two Stickhorses games. The Jesters were very interested in joining the league when it was founded, and make it clear after the two games that they were hoping to be a full charter member of the league this season. That has not officially happened yet, but it is still possible. “Keep in mind, the Jersey Jesters were an invitational team and were not in the NALL,” said Chase. “We have hopes that they can join the league, but again, I am not at liberty to discuss what discussions, if any, are occurring.”

As for the Stickhorses, they are moving along just likely. The one team to host a NALL game is working hard to build their fanbase. “We have done tons of promotions all summer,” explained Chase. “From camps, to league
appearances, church picnics and many media opportunities.” Freedom Hall will once again be home to the team, and will host six home games next season. Unlike year one, every team will be hosting six games. Stickhorse fans have a little extra to look forward to as well. “Plus, we are hosting the post season tournament at Freedom Hall.”

Many of the Stickhorse players will be returning for another year of action in Kentucky. These include Patrick Crosby, a member of both their team and our InLacrosseWeTrust team as well. Tickets for next year will be available to last year’s season ticket holders first. On July 15th season tickets will be available to the public, with single game tickets being available November 1st.

The NALL is full of potential, and once again helping to spread the sport of box lacrosse across the United States. Announcements from the league should start coming around mid-July and continue until the start of the season. There is no better way to conclude than with Anthony Chase’s own words. “ The Kentucky Stickhorses were the ONLY team in the NALL that set out to have a winter season and actually did what we said we would do. We actually signed players we drafted, we played on our original schedule as we promised our fans, we had a great following and finished exactly as we set out to finish. Our players, coaches and fans were all exposed to a very professional environment and are looking forward to year two of the Kentucky Stickhorses.”

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