NCAA: Maryland, Virginia Come Up Big

NCAA Weekend Recap


#1 Duke   6

#2 Maryland 10


This was a third quarter game changer as Maryland scored three in the third and held Duke to none. After that, the Blue Devils seemed to lose all momentum. Maryland totaled 44 shots, 32 ground balls, 17 saves and won eight of 19 face offs. On the other side, Duke totaled 36 shots, 26 ground balls, 15 saves and won 11 of 19 face offs.


Syracuse  12

Virginia    17


I predicted this one being 19-14 and was close yet again! This game was consistent throughout on both sides of the ball for both teams. It just seemed as though Virginia was always a goal or two ahead that Syracuse just couldn’t keep up with. Virginia’s Matt Cockerton led the day with seven points (4 G, 3 A) and was followed closely by teammate James Pannell who had seven goals. Syracuse had five different team scoring leaders, who were led by Hakeem Lecky with four goals.


Denver 10

UPenn  12


This was a close game the whole way and hard fought. Either team would have deserved a win, and UPenn took it. Both teams totaled eight saves, were only four turnovers apart, and were three apart on shots. Denver won 14 of 24 face offs and 34 ground balls (UPenn scooped 24 ground balls). Denver’s Jack Bobzien led the game with five points (3 G, 2 A) followed closely by Zach Miller and UPenn’s Isaac Bock, Nick Doktor and Kevin Brown who each had three points on the day.


Binghamton  11 (OT)

Hobart           10


A game full of hat tricks for both teams: Binghamton’s Matt Springer and Hobart’s Alex Love. Love had five goals on the day, while Binghamton had three different big-time scorers in the game: Nelson Tucker (5 pts), Matt Springer (4 pts) and Paul O’Donnell (3 pts). Hobart won one more face off than did Binghamton, and Binghamton capitalized on half their man-up opportunities.


Johns Hopkins 15

Princeton           9


Goaltending performances are what made the biggest difference in this one. Hopkins and Princeton were two apart for shots, four apart for face offs, and four apart on ground balls. Yet, Hopkins made 13 saves while Princeton made six, less than half. Ryan Brown of J. Hopkins had eight points in the game with five goals and three assists, followed by Wells Stanwick (5 pts: 3 G, 2 A). Princeton’s Tom Schreiber had three goals and teammate Ryan Ambler had five pts (2 G, 3 A).


Siena        9

St. Johns 14


This one was also won on goalie saves as St. Johns was outperformed everywhere else. I think this one is an upset in the fact that Siena made more shots, recovered more ground balls, and had an overall solid defensive performance. However, St. Johns made something happen in their favor and came out on top.


Rutgers          9

Stony Brook 12


A game that reflects true lacrosse wins: face offs and ground balls. Stony Brook secured 13 more ground balls and seven more face off wins than Rutgers. Most other aspects were neck and neck between the two red/white teams. If high school athletes are wondering where to improve their games, it’s in face offs and ground balls.


Cornell    15   (OT)

Michigan 14


Plain and simple. Michigan stepped up their game. They acted as a team that’s been around the NCAA for some time. Their defense performed solidly against the Big Red and their offense on par with Cornell’s. At the end of the day, however, experience beat newcomers and Cornell pulled out a “W” (just barely).